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Engineering & Construction
View & analyze planned position, existing and planned infrastructure; High resolution Orthophoto and DTM for terrain change monitoring. Maintaining a Record of Events.

INSIGHT serves as a decision support system and as a project's GIS. The system also allows an executive overview for the company and is suitable for management and supervision.

As a GIS, INSIGHT’s project documentation can also be used for legal purposes after the project's final.

In engineering and construction projects, managers and professionals use INSIGHT to view and analyze diverse data: existing and planned infrastructures, various project plans and more.

All data is overlaid on a background of high-resolution Orthophoto (up to 5 cm gsd) and DSM, to track terrain changes and evaluate cut & fill activities. Users take advantage of detailed and precise DTM/DSM to calculate and visualize changes, all by remote sensing methods. The system can be used for preliminary planning  

External data can be imported to INSIGHT or created by the users during the project's life cycle, including outdoor data collection using smartphones.

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