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Congo Basin FS & FST

Client:  Somoil
Location:  Congo Basin, Zaire Province, Angola 
Start Date / End Date:  2010 -  Ongoing
Soyo area from the air
Elevation lines overlayed orthophoto
Exploration activities on Insight
Exploration activities on Insight
Advancement tracking and forecast
Soyo area from the air
Oil exploration project. Insight escorts the project from its scouting stages to seismic lines planning to the actual project execution.

In an oil & gas exploration project, initiated in 2011, preliminary data was created, collected and organized in a central geo database. When the actual exploration project started, the preliminary data was used to plan the seismic lines and project's lifecycle. Later, INSIGHT was used to collect, store and analyze advancement data, and supported management of the project.


Congo basin INSIGHT Database contains


Preliminary data collection/scouting: Geodetic control network creation; ERW and risk assessment; POI mapping; Population, environment and road scouting


Collaboration tools for project planning used before and during the project for better seismic lines positioning.


Daily data updates (Permitting, Demining, Line Clearing, Surveying, Vibration recording) to central geo database by multinational companies.


Reports generation tools and archive Workflow analysis tools for project management to track activities advancement and planning against production.


Tools to identify bottlenecks between activities depending on each other using the database automatically.


By using  INSIGHT custom layers technology, Insight provided authorized users with the ability to create management oriented spatial layers. Data in these layers can be collected in a collaborative manner.


Outdoor GIS: Insight enables its user to collect data in the field both online and offline. The collected data updates the central database.


In regular use, INSIGHT allows significant savings due to early detection of problems related to the geography and the work process.

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